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Dawn News is an Urdu news channel which is known to be its professional reporting in Pakistan.  It caters 24-hour Urdu news relating to all latest events and top stories of the day. In the beginning, Dawn TV Live began its transmission in English Language in July 2007 but later on, it switched into an Urdu Channel due to some financial crises and limited viewership. Now, it is known as Dawn News Urdu which telecasts authentic and reliable news to its viewers. Dawn News is a subsidiary of Pakistan Herald Publications Limited which is known as Pakistan’s largest English language media group inaugurated by Quaid-e-Azam in 1940.
Apart from News, Dawn News live also broadcasts Talks Shows and Current Affairs based talk shows through its platform which has gained immense popularity among masses. Dawn TV through its responsible media team has found a respectable position in the eyes of its viewers. So its news is considered authentic and reliable as it comes from respectable media house. 
Dawn TV has a link with several satellite TV channels by an agreement that includes  BBC World, Sky News, ABC News and Al-Jazeera by virtue of which its transmission  can be accessed and watched in the US, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Dawn News policy and vision

It is clear policy of Dawn News Live to transmit authentic, reliable and unbiased news to its target public. Its main vision depicts from its slogan as “Raat Din Saat Din” which means it broadcast its news around the clock in a weak. Dawn TV through its transmission also educates and gives political awareness among masses. So viewers of Dawn TV are very conscious to its news and talks shows. Dawn News always discourses negative thoughts and hatred messages transmit through its platform. Dawn News live      

Electronic Media VS Print Media

The Dawn was the first English Newspaper of Pakistan that was launched by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in 1940. So, it is the oldest English newspaper.
Newspaper comes under the category of Print Media and News Channel comes under the head of Electronic Media. The question is that Why did Dawn need a Dawn News Channel ? The reason is that News channel is a kind of electronic media which provides instant news to masses rather than print media. Following are the advantages of electronic media (News Channel) over Print media (Newspaper):-
Electronic Media includes TV, Radio, Internet, Smartphone etc and Print Medic include only newspaper, So electronics media is relatively quicker than print media to cater information to public. By just turning on your TV or Radio, you can watch or hear current news or happenings of the day. On the other hands, through newspaper you can only get news from some past day. Through electronic media, you can watch live telecasts of various events, so it is very effective than print media. Electronic media is very helpful for those who could not read newspaper and it is best source to educate illiterate, socially victimized people, unskilled workers and formers as well.   

Dawn News Live streaming

You also get Dawn TV Live Streaming by visiting its official website as www.dawnnews.tv. Apart from live dawn news, hourly news bulletin and breaking news are also available on its official website. Dawn live TV gives live coverage of musical shows, cultural shows, occasional festival and political parties Jalsas keeping in view the public demand. Dawn News also broadcasts, talk show, current affairs talks show and shows on social issues to educate masses not only politically but also socially. Dawn News has also covered major incident occurred in past like lawyers’ movement, military operations in tribal areas and general elections-2008 and, Lal Masjid operation. Being a responsible channel, it always caters news that are authentic and verified by its competent media team members. So, people always pay respect to the news of Dawn News. Dawn News Live transmission is not only watched in urban areas but also in rural areas. So, it has equally popular in villages as well as in Cities.  
It is the specialty of Dawn News Urdu to telecast such programs having public interest. Its most popular programs are Raid, News Eye, Bol Bol Pakistan, News Wise, zara Hut Kay, News Eye, Apki Kahani and Dusra Rukh.

Famous hosts, anchorperson and Journalists

Dawn News Live has big and notable names in its media Team. They perform their work with full dedications, commitment and with responsibility to give their channel a respectable position. Following are the names of hosts, anchors and Journalists who are actively associated with Dawn TV Media Team:-

  1. Nusrat Javed                                
  2. Meher Bukhari                             
  3. Jawad Ahmed Siddiqui               
  4. Syed Sammar Abbas
  5. Mubashar Zidi

Top shows

Zara Hut Kay

This program is hosted by Mubashar Zidi who is very renowned anchorperson and run this program with great skills. He alongwith Zarrar Khuhro talks with Wusatullah Khan who comes as analyst at this show. The concept of the show is to discuss a current affairs based topic in depth. This program is telecast from Monday to Friday at 11.05 only Dawn News.      


Mehar Abbasi is very famous and renowned host who is anchor of this show. She invites some guests in her show which belongs to different political parties. She takes their views on going topic and put some questions before them to expose the truth. This show is very popular among masses. This show is telecast from Monday to Thursday at 10:05 PM on Dawn News.   

Bol Bol Pakistan          

It is one of the most watched shows of Dawn News Live which is hosted by popular journalist Nusrat Javed and Gulmeenay Sethi. Gulmeenay Sethi introduces the show and then begin talks with Nusrat Javed who appears as analyst. Their discussion is based on current affairs, social issue and political issue. Nusrat Javed gives his expert opinion over ongoing issue. This show is telecast from Monday to Thursday at 08:05 PM at Dawn News.           

Dusra Rukh

This show is hosted by Syed Sammar Abbas who is notable journalist of Dawn TV.  A guest panel based on different political personalities is invited to take their view on current topic. The discussion is very comprehensive and based on facts. This show is also very famous show of Dawn News Live. This show is telecast from Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 08:05 PM at Dawn News.


This show is hosted by Jawad Ahmed Siddiqui at 08:00PM at Dawn News from Saturday to Sunday.  The concept of the show is to invite some political personalities or to conduct personal interview of famously political personality. This show is also very popular on Dawn News.                    
Dawn News Live always updates its viewers through its hourly news Bulletin covering all the latest breaking news and top stories. Dawn Urdu News is getting very popular among public as it comes from reliable media platform. Since, it provides only urdu news to its target audience so we may call this Dawn News Urdu as a trustworthy platform where you can get any news covering all issues.