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Dunya News is one of the top rated News Channel that broadcast verified and authentic news around the clock. It is basically an urdu Channel that aim is to provide Urdu news and current affairs related programs to its viewers. It is best known for its slogans as ‘Khabar Ki Dunya’. So, you can say that it does not forget to transmit any news regarding politics, economy, business, sports and entertainment. In short, it is a world of news which gathers latest news and stories happened at any nook and corner of the world. You can get Dunya News Live Streaming by visiting its official website i.e; www.dunyanews.tv. Apart from live Dunya News, you can also watch hourly news, news bulletin, breaking news and current affairs based talk shows from its website. 
It is controlled by National Communication Services (SMC) Pvt. Ltd. Its main head Office is located at Lahore. The Owner of Dunya News was a renowned businessman and politician Mian Amer Mahmood, who is also chairman of larger Punjab Group of Colleges; (PGC) group of universities, colleges and organizations. 

Vision of the Dunya News TV

The vision of the Dunya News TV is to broadcast authentic and verified news gathered from reliable sources, not in Pakistan but also other parts of the world and ensures its promise as it claims in its slogan as ‘Khabar Ki Dunya’. So, Dunya News TV with its allied most talented team which includes not only technicians but also Journalist, Anchors, Analysts etc always busy to move forward it and fulfills its vision.  

Survival in the competitive environment

In the bombardment of other news channels, there is more difficult for Dunya TV to keep its position amongst other popular news channels like Geo News, Express News, Samaa News etc and to get status of pioneer in news breaking activity. But, this is all done due to its competent team work effort and cooperation which has made Dunya TV a top rated news channel.  

Dunya News Live Coverage

Dunya News Live gives coverage of major live events that takes place in country and across the country due to its satellite approach. Dunya News Live has equipped with latest equipment and machinery due to which transparent broadcasting is possible. It has covered many elections campaigns, festival celebrations, political Jalsas and even protest of political parties. So it cannot leave any event which has public interest. It has become sound of the Nation by raising the voice of affectees who are deprived off their rights due to owner or government ignorance. So, Dunya TV live always help those effectees by giving live coverage to them so that their voice can be reached to the responsible. Recently, Young Doctors has recorded its agitation against Punjab Govt. to get their rights and Dunya TV live has provided them coverage till the end of their agitation. 

 Dunya News issues with PEMRA

Dunya News TV always broadcast its program according to PEMRA policy but sometime it has to face some issues with PEMRA due to not obeying PEMRA rules and regulations with its true sense. So, PEMRA has issued show cause notices to Dunya News for time and again by reasoning that its anchorpersons does not have professional attitude in talk shows and show biasness. But Management of Dunya News has resolved these issues by the help of its lawyer teams.

Dunya News according to its commitment regarding program policy always broadcast unbiased talks shows and entertainment program which have great fun for people. Apart from its political talk shows, it has got famous due to its two funny programs namely as Hasb-e-Haal, and Mazaaq Raat. Both the programs have high viewership not in the country but also across the country. Especially, in Hasb-e-Haal, performance of Azizi has been praised due to its versatility in appearing in different characters. Sohail Ahmed performs the role of Azizi who actually appears in different characters and entertain the viewers. A list of top rated talk shows of Dunya News is as under:-

  • Dunya Kamran Khan Kay Sath
  • Aik Din Dunya Kay Sath
  • Hasb-e-Haal
  • Mazaaq Raat
  • On The Front
  • Think Tank
  • Tonight with Dr Moeed Pirzada

A brief description of these talk shows is as under:-

Dunya Kamran Khan Kay Sath

This show is actually hosted by famous anchorperson Kamran Khan who has recently joined Dunya News Platform. Previously, he was remained associated with Geo TV and then Bol TV. His show is very famous as earlier due to his style of expressing the news and strong grip in his professional skills. He discusses all major issues, stories and day happening on his show. This program is broadcast live from Monday to Friday at 10:00PM to 11:00PM.

Aik Din Dunya Kay Sath

This show is also very popular because it is hosted by Sohail Warriach a notable host and anchorperson who is also known for its versatility in asking questions with the guest of his show. He spends a days with any celebrity belongs to any profession (media, politics & businessman etc) and try to know explore about him/her by asking some personal and professional relating to his field.   This program is broadcast on Dunya News on every Sundy at 10:03PM to 11:00PM.


Hasb-e-Haal is a comedy talk show which is mainly hosted by Junaid Saleem and Sohail Ahmed. Sohail Ahmed acts as Azizi and appeared in different characters in this show. His stunning performance engages the viewers to stay tuned at this channel till the end of the show. The concept of the show is to criticize and point out what is going wrong in our politics or our society but in a lighter mood. This show has got popularity and placed at the top of the list of comedy talk shows. This talk show is telecast at 11:00 pm from Thursday to Sunday on Dunya News Live.  

Mazaaq Raat

This is another Comedy show of Dunya News which is hosted by a famous TV actor Vasay Chaudhry. Besides Vasay Chaudhary, there is a panel of famous comedians including Amanullah Khan, Iftikhar Iftikhar and DJ Mohsin Abbas Haider always become part and parcel of this show. The concept of this show is to invite guest belongs to different school of thoughts like politics, showbiz, Films & sports etc. Vasay introduces guests in his own style and interviews them by asking some questions relating to their field and then ask some personal question about their private life. Team of comedians interfere the hosts by putting hilarious remarks between the talks and this make things more funny and hilarious. This show is also very popular. It telecasts from Monday to Wednesday at Dunya News at 11:05pm.

On The Front

This program is hosted by Kamran Shahid which is one of the famous hosts of Pakistan. The concept of the show is also to invite political personalities relate to different parties and to discuss the current issue. He has also conducted interviewed of famous political and showbiz personalities like Imran Khan, Sheikh Rasheed, Siraj ul Haq, Sajjad Ali, famous singer, Ghulam Ali etc.  This program is telecast on 08:00PM from Monday to Thursday.

Think Tank

This show is a political talk show which is hosted by Ayesha Naz.  A panel consists of renowned journalists including Sohail Warriach, Ayyaz Mir, Salman Ghani and Haroon Rashid give their expert views on the topic which is to be under discussion.  This program is also very popular. This program is telecast on 07:00 PM from Monday to Friday.

Tonight with Dr Moeed Pirzada

This show is hosted by well educated and renowned anchorperson Dr. Moeed Pirzada. The concept of the show is to invite some guests and to take expert view on a given topic. This program is also very popular.

Notable anchorperson

Following are the name of renewed and famous anchorpersons which are associated with Dunya News Live and perform their job with full dedication and commitment to raise the name of Dunya News to a highest peak.

  • Kamran Khan
  • Kamran Shahid
  • Sohail Warriach
  • Haroon Rashid
  • Ayaz Mir
  • Salman Ghani
  • Mojib ur Rehman Shami

Dunya News Live has now become a most watched news Channel in Pakistan. Because, Dunya News always focus to broadcast such contents which are authentic and reliable with the help of its competent team that works day and night. Therefore, Dunya News TV always takes care of their employees by considering them as asset and compensates them by a reasonable salary package. Therefore, employees of Dunya News are very happy and work hard to keep its name in top rated news channel list.