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Peace TV is a 24 hours Islamic Edutainment channel which is broadcasting globally from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dr. Zakir Naik is the man who is its president and founder. He is medical doctor by profession. He is best known as international speaker on Islam and Comparative Religion. He is known to be very expert in explaining Islamic view points and clears misconceptions about Islam. 
Peace TV was launched in 21 January 2006. Its main broadcast area includes Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and Australia. Its official website is
Peace TV live streaming is also available on its official webpage. Now, one could get live streaming of Peace TV by downloading Peace TV apps on its android or Smartphone. Moreover, detail of Peace TV program schedule is also available on its official website. 

Peace TV Profile

            Peace TV is a nonprofit Islamic Satellite Television Network having main focus to broadcast Islamic programs including live events (religious dialogue covering answer questions sessions), lecturing programs for youth and adults as well as educational programs for children throughout a day. Following is the purpose of Peace TV Live:-

  • Telecast Islamic Programmes for all type of audience in English, Urdu, Bangla and Chinese to create Islamic awareness among them.
  • Having aim to promote truth, Justice, Harmony, Morality and Wisdom for the entire mankind.
  • To present the true picture of Islam and remove misconceptions about Islam.
  • To promote inter-faith dialogues, common teachings among major religions and world peace.

Peace TV Live Network is equipped with latest Media Technology and Programmes Softwares. It also has well trained researchers and Operation Management including famous scholars and orators on religion and humanity. Through its famous research scholar, it spreads its message in more than 200 countries including Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Australia as well. But it has vision to broadcast its transmission to the rest of the world in future. Moreover, it does not support any particular Islamic sect or dogma during its propagation.  

Peace TV Network

            Basically, Peace TV is a network of other channels which include other sister channels like Peace TV Urdu and Peace TV Bangla. However, the purpose of the both channel is same but to focus different kinds of audience having different language. Lets we discuss both channel in short:-

Peace TV Urdu

            Peace TV Urdu catering Islamic programs in Urdu language for those people who can understand Urdu Language. So it broadcasts its programs especially for Asian community besides India and Bangladesh where it has been banned due to some religious controversy. However, it is partially allowed in United States. The founder and President of Peace TV Urdu is also Zakir Naik. Its official website is where you get its live streaming and detail of program schedule.

Peace TV Bangla

            Peace TV Bangla broadcast programs in Bangali language for the people who know Bangali language. It has been launched in 22 April 2011. Since its launching to uptill now, it has been telecast in Asia, Middle East and Australia.            Dr. Zakir Naik is also its founder and President. Its official website is

Speakers associated with Peace TV

                Following are the speakers who deliver their lectures on Peace TV:-
Dr. Zakir Naik, Ahmed Deedat, Salem Al Aamry, Assim Al Hakeem, Abdul Rahim Green, Yusuf Estes , Yassir Fazaga, Fariq Naik, Hussain Yee, Ismail Musa Menk, Mohammad Ali Shinawy, Tim Humble, Majed Mahmoud, Tawfique Chowdhury, Dr. Bilal Philips, Dr Jamal Badawi, Yahya Ibrahim, Saeed Rageah, Dr Laurance Brown, Dr Jaafar Idris, Haitham Al Haddad, Hussain Hamed Hassan, Dr Muhammad Salah , Ahmed Bukhtatir etc.       

Islamic Program

            Peace TV Live broadcast various Islamic programs through its platform which are presented by its top speakers. The names of its program are as under:-

  • Truth Exposed
  • Man with a Mission
  • Crossfire
  • Stories of the Prophets
  • Better Half or Bitter Half
  • Search of the Prophet
  • Dr. Zakir History
  • Teen’s Star
  • Kitaabut Tauheed
  • Major Sins
  • Fire of Faith
  • Facets of Islam
  • Before You Say I Do
  • The World of Jinn
  • Fire of Faith
  • Promising Generation
  • Principals of understanding Islam
  • Dare To Ask
  • Peace and Justice
  • Echoes of Eeman
  • Faith of Mountain
  • Tearful Moments from the life of Prophet (PBUH)

Lets we discuss few of them:-

Truth Exposed

            This program is presented by Dr. Zakir Naik who is best known as dynamic orator on Islam and comparative religion. He is very popular speaker of Peace TV. The concept of this program is to unveil the truth by quoting references from different religious scriptures as Hindu Vedas, Bible and Glorious Quran. Dr. Zakir presents the similarities found in Islam and other religion on vital common teachings to avoid misconceptions about Islam. During his speech, he also quotes Quranic verses, authentic Hadith and other religious scriptures as reference. Further, he speaks with reason, logic and Scientifics facts during his public talks. Due to this, people are fully convinced by its satisfactory answers. So, he is not only popular in Muslims but also in Hindus and Christians as well. The duration of this program is about 30 minutes and it is telecast on Saturday only.

Man with Mission

                The Late Shaikh Ahmed Deedat is best known as Muslim Scholar of the Christian Bible. He was pioneer and expert in public talks and debates on Islam and Comparative Religion. He had very convincing style of propagation and often talked about similarities among comparative religions. During his mission, he had to debate with top Christian preachers and Missionaries like Anis Shorrosh, Jimmy Swaggart, Pastor Standley Sjoberg etc. For his great services for Islam, he had awarded with King Faisal International Award in 1986. Although, he has died in August 2005 but his intellectual debates on Islam are great assets for Islam which are very helpful for young Muslims. This program is telecast only on Thursday. The duration of this program is also about 30 minutes.       


            The viewpoints on which people have difference of opinion are being discussed in this Show. The debates are being conducted before the audience between Dr. Zakir Naik and prominent scholars of other religion like Srik Sri Ravi Shankar, Dr. William Campbell on conflicting views points. Resultantly, audience can better judge who has better viewpoint. The duration of the program is 120 minutes and is telecast on Sunday only.