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ATV is a Pakistani entertainment channel which has largest national viewership after National TV. ATV was launched in 24 June, 2005. ATV was owned by Shalimar Recording and Broadcasting Co. Ltd. Apart from Pakistan, it broadcasts its transmission in some other countries like South Asia and Middle East. Its official website is www.

Being entertainment providing Channel, it broadcasts variety of contents like Musical shows, Dramas, Fashion shows and current affairs talk shows keeping in view the interest of all type of audience. So, it has won the heart of its viewers by broadcasting entertaining stuff through its platform since it has been launched. 

ATV Channel Profile

In the beginning, ATV was formally known as STN (Shalimar TV Network) and PTN (Peoples Television Network). But later on, both channels merge into one channel and result in the form of ATV. ATV has 20 stations located in different cities of the Pakistan through which it is operated. It mainly includes as Islamad, Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Daska, Bahawalpur, Larkana, Peshwar, Qalat, Sukkur, Batkhaila, Mingora, Thandyani, Sahiwal, Khuzdar, Sibi, Quetta and Tando Allahyar. Moreover, its reporters are always available in these cities, which always ready to get any hot news occurring in different areas of the cities.

ATV Live Streaming

You can also get ATV Live streaming from visiting its official website. You can also watch its live streaming by your desktop, laptop and Android. Apart from its live streaming, you can also get episodes of its current and previous dramas for the ease of its online users. You can also get programs schedule broadcast through ATV.

Cultural and religious programs

ATV also broadcasts cultural and religious program through its platform. Its main aim is to telecast these kinds of programs to promote Pakistan Culture and religious awareness among people. Through its cultural programs, ATV creates cultural awareness among Pakistani people. So that people could come close to each other and know about each other being resident at different provinces of the Pakistan. Its religious programs are also best source of religious information where everybody has a chance to know about religion thoroughly. Especially during Ramdan, it broadcasts special religious programs during Sehri and Iftari covering all major issues which people want to know. By virtue of these Islamic programs, people increase their Islamic knowledge and clear their misconception about any problem.

Top Programs

It broadcasts variety of program through its platform. Some of its prominent programs are as under:-


This is basically a talk show having main focus on entertainment. It telecasts from Wednesday to Thursday at 11:15 PM. The concept of the show is to discuss social issues faced by people of Pakistan particularly relating to south Punjab.  Famous guests are invited to talk about ongoing topic. The youth also participate in this show which shares their problems or issues faced during life with guest panel. The Guest panel, in turn, tries to find out the rightful solution of their issues. This show has become a very popular show on ATV Live.    

Barry Dokhay Hain Iss Rah Main

This drama is also very popular which depicts one of the social issues of our society when a mother alone has to struggle with her two daughters without any support of their father. Elder daughter is quite mature unlike to younger one who is bit greedy and has irresponsible attitude towards life. This drama is telecast from Monday to Tuesday at 08:00 PM.

Juhi Jenny Javeria

This drama is directed and produced by Owais Khan and Tariq Majeeb respectively and is written by Dilawar Khan. This drama is about three girls who belong to different religion like Christian, Hindu and Muslim but struggle to find their dreams. This is telecast from Monday to Friday at 10:15PM.


This drama is directed and produced by Shoiab Khan which is telecast from Thursday to Friday at 7:03 PM. A number of renowned artist are part of this Drama like Noman Ijaz, Salman Shahid, Maha Warsi, Ayesha Khan, Rohail Pirzada etc. Basically, its story revolves around a family and its members.

Hürrem Aur Sultan

This is a Turkish Product which moves around the life of Ottoman Sultan Süleyman, the Magnificent who enjoys longest period of his ruling at ottoman Empire. This is very famous among its audience. This is telecast from Friday to Sunday at 08:00 PM

Mehmaan Qadardaan

This is basically a talk show which is on aired from Sunday only at 07:03PM. The concept of the show is to invite guest especially celebrities and to ask some questions not only about their professional but also their personal life in a humorous way to create some fun for audience.  

Chehron Ke Peechay

This program is based on investigative stories which expose the reality of crime and its reasons. This program is on aired on 09:15 PM only on ATV Live.

Awam Aor Qanoon

This program discusses news making court decisions taken anywhere of the country. This gives access to lawyers and other legal expert for viewers and offer advices. This program is telecast from 05:10 PM only on ATV.

Piya Be Dardi

This drama is broadcast from Wednesday to Thursday at 09:15PM only on ATV. This is directed by Sohail Irfan.

Yeh Mera Deewanapan Hai

This drama is directed by Shahzad Rafique and written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and produced by Sadia Jabbar. This is telecast from Wednesday to Thursday only on ATV Live.

Boom On Live

This is live program in which you can watch latest songs of famous singers on your demand. It also conducts interviews of famous singers as well. This program is telecast from Monday to Friday at 06:05 PM only on ATV. The hosts of the show are Mustafa Rizvi, Nazish Nazneen and Javeria Khan while producer is Ahsan Naseer.  This is very popular show of ATV.  

In short, ATV Live has become a fasting growing entertainment channel where you can enjoy every kind of programs relating to your taste. It not only provides entertaining programs but also current affairs and religious programs as well. ATV telecasts occasional programs covering every major event like Eid festival, Ramzan transmission, Defence day and Independence day etc. Due to its entertainment program, it has won the hearts of its viewers. Resultantly, it has huge viewership not only on electronic media (TV) but also on social media as well.