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Din News is another emerging private news channel of Pakistan. It began its broadcasting on January, 1, 2015. Din News is an another Urdu News Channel of Pakistan which broadcasts its transmission in South Asia, Middle East, America, UAE, UK, Indian, Ireland for Urdu community. Its main headquarters is based at Lahore (Pakistan). Basically, Din News is another brand of Din Media Group who has already been publishing its news paper as Din Newspaper.

Din News broadcasts variety of news covering politics (national and international), business, weather updates, sports and Entertainment. Further, news broadcasts from Din TV are considered more authentic and reliable as based on facts. So, people have great trust on its news. The reports of Din News are also present in all major cities of Pakistan to collect authentic news and happening around them. Further, these media workers are fully equipped with latest modern media equipments essential for live reporting.  After collecting the reliable and authentic news, they provide it to their concerned media houses. In these media houses, the news are again examined and scrutinized by its qualified Journalists to be on aired through its platform.

It is the great quality of Din TV to broadcast unbiased news and Verified news and does not have soft corner to any political party. By virtue of this quality, Din News has made a special place in the heart of its viewers who always stick to it in order to get trusted news.

Din News TV has official website as www.din-news.com for its online users, where you can get news covering national, world, sports, weather, Business and entertainment issues. You can also get latest happening and story of the day whether it occurs inside or outside of the Country. It has provided an access for android users to download Din News apps for getting its latest news and online live streaming as well.   

Through Din News live coverage, it covers all major events including protest of political parties, Agitation of person(s) to get their rights, Dharna of political parties and press conference of political parties etc.

List of Programs

Following are the programs which are on aired through Din News platform:-

  • Aaj Din News Kay Sath
  • News Night with Neelum Nawab
  • Mufti Online
  • Ikhtilaf-e-Raye
  • Q & Awith PJ Mir
  • Eagle Eye
  • Crime Watch
  • Reporters Desk
  • Controversy Online
  • Canvas with Dr Kamran

Top programs

 Following are the top program of Din News which have high rating:-

  • Aaj Din News Kay Sath
  • Q & A with PJ Mir
  • Ikhtilaf-e-Raye
  • News Night with Neelum Nawab
  • Mufti Online
  • Crime Watch

Aaj Din News Kay Sath

This is very popular program on Din News having main focus on current affairs and political issues. This program is hosted by Mustafa Niaz alongwith Chairman Din Media group Mehmood Sadiq. This program is telecast from Monday to Thursday at 10:05PM. The concept of the show is to conduct a discussion between guests and the host on a current affair issue. Sometime, anchor of the show takes a live call by inviting a guest who may be an active worker of famous political party and takes his / her view on going issue. Mustafa Niaz is very renewed journalist and anchorperson who run this show while keeping unbiased approach. Therefore, this show is very popular among the masses.

Q & A with PJ Mir

This show is also based on current affairs and political affairs. The show is hosted by famous Journalist and anchorperson namely as PJ Mir. As a journalist, he has also interviewed with many renowned political personalities. Previously, PJ Mir was associated with ARY News. But now he has joined Din News. The concept of show is similar to its previous shows as run on other channel, is just to invite some guests relating to political parties and takes their views on the topic under discussion. He likes to use cross questioning with his guests to unveil the truth and for ease of public understanding.


This program is based on political affair which is hosted by Iftikhar Kazmi. Iftikhar Kazmi played different clips of other political programs on its show, in which famous political personalities have been interviewed. Then he talks about the things which are to be discussed and gives his opinion about it. This program is telecast from Monday to Saturday at 11:00PM only on Din News.    

 News Night with Neelum Nawab

This is another popular show of Din News Live which is hosted by well known anchorperson as Neelum Nawab. She is very talented and brave anchor who has full grip on her topic which is to be discussed. She invites some guests who often belongs with top political parties and ask questions from them in current political scenario. This program is telecast from Monday to Sunday at 08:05 PM only on Din News.

Mufti Online

This program is telecast from Saturday and Sunday at 07:05PM on Din News. This show is hosted by Muhammad Shahnawaz Rana alongwith Mufti Abdul Qavi who talks about different religious affairs. From religious prospectus, this show is very informative and interesting.

Crime Watch

The concept of the show is to discuss crimes affairs relating to common man as well as government departments like Universities, Police, Hospitals and Government Offices and to discuss these issues with guest panels to find the ultimate remedy for it. Rai Husnain is host of this show who discusses these issues with guest panel and tries to find out the causes and mind set through which these crimes have been done. This show is also very popular and is being telecast from Friday at 10:00PM only on Din News Live.

No doubt, Din News is a growing channel of Pakistan but since its birth to uptill now, it has achieved a respectable position among other news channel and if it continues its race in the same scenario, it would become a top News channel of Pakistan. Because, it always supports the voice of poor men and those who are deprived off their rights by someone and try to solve their problems.