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Ten sports is a very popular sports channel; providing you live transmission of your favorite sports as it claims that it covers almost all live sporting events. So, Ten sports is a sports channel where you can watch and enjoy live events of various kinds of sports including cricket, football, hockey, tennis & wrestling etc. Ten Sports Live also broadcast unforgettable recorded events of various sports on the demands of its viewers.
Ten sports is one of the leading sports Network of Asia where you can get any kind of live sports activity regarding Cricket, Football, Hockey, tennis & wrestling. Ten Network may also include others sister channel like Ten Action, Ten Cricket Live, Ten Golf and Ten HD. Ten Sports Pakistan covers international sports events occur in various parts of the world. Lets we discuss each of them one by one:-

Ten Action

Ten Action is mainly dedicated to football. Being 24-hour sports channel, it broadcasts its transmission upto South Asia. Its main focus is to cover football and it exclusively broadcasts the UEFA Champions League, Scottish Premier League, Europa League, Serie A, and La Liga.

Ten Cricket Live

TEN Cricket Live is a 24-hour sports channel where you can get only live international cricket matches. Simply, you can say that it is dedicated to Cricket. Its official owner is Sony Pictures Networks. Its main slogan is
"Life is Cricket". Its transmission can be watched in Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia and Arab world. It also has live broadcast rights of all international cricket matches held in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, West Indies and Zimbabwe.

Ten Golf

Ten Golf is a sports channel where you can watch all live events relating to Golf. It means that it is purely dedicated to Golf. It telecasts 24 hours sports through its platform. Ten Golf does not miss any major event of Golf including following:-

  • Asian Tour
  • Ryder Cup
  • PGA European tour
  • Royal Trophy
  • US PGA Championship
  • Professional Golf Tour of India

Ten HD

Ten HD being HD channel covers live sports, films, entertainment, documents, science fiction and news. It was launched on 16 December 2007. Its main slogan is turn on 10. Its main broadcast area including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Its official website is www.tenplay.com.au. Ten HD is basically owned by Ten Network Holdings.  

Ten Sports Pakistan

            Ten Sports Pakistan is another sports channel of Ten Network which is specially launched for Pakistani nation. Pakistan is the country of sports loving people where they show great interest in sports activities. This channel is mainly owned by Tower Sports Limited, a subsidiary of Taj TV Limited. Ten Sports Pakistan is accessible through Satellite Intelsat 20 and various cable outlets across Pakistan. Ten Sports Pakistan has broadcasting rights to air ICC events like ICC Cricket World Cup. Its main broadcast area including Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikstan.

Ten Sports Live

Ten sports Live streaming is available on its official website i.e; www.tensports.com.pk where you can watch all the major events regarding Cricket, football, Tennis, Gold & Wrestling. Here, you can also get schedule of latest and upcoming tournaments as well as series of your favorite sports.

Broadcast Rights

Ten sports live has broadcast rights of various international sporting events like Cricket, Football, Golf, Tennis and Wrestling.
Ten sports has rights to broadcast all ICC Cricket tournament and various international matches including:-

  • ICC Cricket World Cup
  • ICC Champion Trophy
  • ICC World T20
  • ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup
  • ICC Women’s World T20
  • ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup
  • ICC Cricket 360 degree
  • International Cricket Abdu Dhabi
  • Internal Cricket in Sri Lanka
  • Internal Cricket in South Africa
  • Internal Cricket in West Indies
  • Internal Cricket in Zimbabwe
  • Internal Cricket in Pakistan
  • Internal Cricket in Sharjah


Apart from covering all major events of Cricket, it also broadcast live events of Football including:-

  • Spanish Super Cup (Spain)
  • UEFA Europe League (till 2019)
  • UEFA Super League (till 2019)
  • League Cup (United Kingdom)
  • UEFA Champion League (International)

Professional Wrestling

Ten sports also cover major events of wrestling including:-

  • WWE NXT (TV Series)
  • WWE Smackdown
  • WWE Main Event


Ten sports also cover all major events of tennis including Grand Slam event which is big event of tennis includes:-

  • Australian Open
  • French Open
  • Wimbledon
  • Us Open

In short, Ten sports is a good place for sports activities where you can find any sort of sports according to your choice. It also telecast International and league matches of Cricket and football and does not miss any event relating to this category. Therefore, it has huge fan club as millions of people are always engaged on this channel at the same time to watch any live sport event like cricket, football, Wrestling etc. Sports activities are very important for the youth of a nation because these keep them healthy, active and strong.