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Capital News is one of the emerging news channels of Pakistani which began its transmission in 10 April 2013 in Pakistan. It broadcasts its news in Urdu language not in Pakistan but also other parts of the world like South Asia, UAE, Middle East, Ireland, UK, USA, and India. Its main headquarters is based in Islamabad. Capital News urdu caters only verified and authentic news to its target audience.

Capital News Vision and policy

Capital news vision is to provide authentic, verified and unbiased news to its viewers and become it a leading news channel of Pakistan. It is well known for its slogan as “Mulk, Qaum, Saltanat” which depicts its commitment to broadcast such news which promotes culture patriotism and brotherhood in the country and discourages such news and thoughts which are against the country. So, it is part of its policy to stick to its vision and mission and. It has clear cut policy to strictly obey the PEMRA rules and regulations.
Capital tv has equipped with professional media team which includes prominent journalists and anchorperson which transmit news by filtering the contents which are against its policy. That’s why capital news is very popular among masses which depicts from its high rating of programs.    

Capital TV Official Website

Keeping in view the demands of online viewers, Capital TV has launched its official website as which gives live streaming of Capital news including top stories, national, Sports, Entertainment, International and Science & technology based news. By visiting its homepage, you can get various information under its different heads regarding National, sports, Entertainment, international, Science & Technology, Smash Hits, Food & Life Style. So Capital News does not miss any news which has public interest.

For Capital News live streaming, you have to click on Capital TV Live option to watch live Capital News that includes hourly news bulletin and breaking news on latest happening. You can also get information about capital news latest talk shows, current affairs shows and fun based shows. Because, Capital TV Live always takes care the interest of its audience and broadcasts programs on the demands of viewers.       

Dedicative workforce of Capital TV

It is through committed and dedicative workforce of Capital TV that it has earned a good reputation in a very short period since its launching and has become a prominent name in Media Industry of Pakistan. From its workers to top level management, all are fully committed in their work to broadcast authentic and verified news from its platform. In the competitive environment, when you have to face challenges from its competitor channels, then only committed and dedicated professional team can help you to survive.
Consequently, Capital news management always takes care of their employees and compensates them according to their skills and professional abilities.      

Famous Host and Notable anchorperson

Capital TV through its committed and professional media team work has raised its name and stands it in top of the news channels list.  Its professional and dedicative workforce includes Journalist and anchorperson. Name of some of them are Fahad Hussain, Javed Iqbal, Asma Chaudhry and Nasim Zehra.

Notable Programs

Some of the popular Capital TV programs are: 

  • Cross Check
  • Bay Laag
  • Hum Sub
  • News Plus
  • Seedhi Baat
  • Tech Capital

Lets we take a brief look of each talk show above.

Cross check

This is political and current affairs talk show which is hosted by prominent journalist and anchorperson Awais Touheed. This show is telecast from Thursday to Sunday at 08:03 PM only on Capital News. A topic based discussion has been conducted with a guest panel having famous names in politics. The host also takes live calls from a famous political personality and takes his view from that on going issue.

Bay Laag

Ejaz Haider is famous anchorperson and analyst who hosts this show. This show is telecast from Friday to Sunday at 10:03PM on capital news. This show is very popular among masses due to in depth analysis of the host as well as the participants. In the beginning, the host briefly explains the issues which are to be discussed and then introduces guest panel of the show. The host takes one by one view from each guest and then gives concluding remarks at the end of the show.    

Hum Sub

Mahrukh Fahid Qureshi is anchor of this show. This show is telecast from Monday to Thursday at 07:03PM on Capital news. The host discusses different topic like terrorism, politics, global warming, social issue and current affairs. Like other talk shows, same pattern is adopted to invite some guests and ask some topic related question. This show is also very popular among its viewers.

News Plus

This show is hosted by Ghulam Murtaza who is an emerging anchorperson and Journalist. The concept of the show is to take views on going issues from different politicians, analyst and journalist and take the exact picture of the issue before masses. This show is telecast from Monday to Thursday at 10:03 PM on capital news.

Seedhi Baat

This show is hosted by a very talented and aggressive anchorperson Beenish Saleem.  The host raises some important questions regarding the topic before her guests panel and try to unveil the truth. This show is telecast from Monday to Friday at 11:00PM on Capital news.

Tech Capital

This show covers technology news and latest happening in the field of IT technology, gadgets and lots more in technology world. This show is hosted by Kanwal Ayub. Viewers are fully informed about latest and innovative happening in the field of science and technology particularly relating to their Smartphone, laptop and any other electronic devices. This show is telecast on Sunday at 11:05PM on capital news.  
In short, the mission of Capital news is to cater news to the masses located at every nook and corner of the country. Live Capital TV not only updates its viewers by latest happening around the world but also politically educate them through its various programs covering all issues. Through its cultural programs, it promotes culture of different provinces so that people of different provinces could know culture of each other. This is an attempt to bring close together and promote brotherhood among them. Capital News Live also covers live events of special day like defence day, Independence day etc.