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Hum TV is an entertainment TV Channel of Pakistan having main focus on Pakistani Dramas. It has changed the mode and style of our traditional dramas by giving it new and modern look keeping in view the cultural and traditional value of our country. Being 24 hours entertainment channel, Hum TV has presented a series of remarkable dramas covering social, domestic and cultural issues of the country. These dramas are not only appreciated in Pakistan but also in some other Asian countries, because these are full with emotions, suspense and excellent performance of its various actors / actresses. Moreover, Hum TV dramas are purely family based which you can watch without any hesitation while sitting with your family. Besides producing dramas, musical shows, awards shows and fashion shows are also telecast through Hum TV platform.   

Hum TV Live began its transmission in 17 January 2005 and it is owned by Hum Network Limited. Being Pakistani Channel, Hum TV headquarters is situated at Karachi Pakistan.  Its official slogan is "Hum Aur Aap... Har Pal Saath" or “Hum Jaisa Koi Nahi".

Hum TV - Official Website

Hum TV official website is where you can watch your favorite dramas, musical shows, award shows and much more entertaining stuff. You can also get information about its various entertaining programs and their broadcasting schedules.  Hum TV can also telecast recorded episode of your favorite dramas and other programs.  

Hum TV Live Streaming

Apart from recorded dramas, you can also get Hum TV live streaming on its official website and can enjoy one of your favorite dramas on your desktop, laptop, Smartphone etc. Basically, Hum TV live transmission is for the people who do not have direct access of watching TV but facility of web access is possible.   

Hum Network Products

Hum Network products  may include Hum Channels, Magazines, Hum Awards, Hum Style Awards and Hum Films:-

Sister Channels

  • Hum Masala
  • Style 360
  • Hum Sitaray
  • Hum Europe
  • Hum FM

Hum Magazines

  • Catalogue
  • Humsay
  • Masala TV Food Mag
  • Style G.L.A.M


  • Hum Awards                
  • Hum Style Awards       (QMobile Hum Style Awards)
  • Hum Films                   (Na Maloom AfraadBin Roye)

Lets we discuss each sister channel in detail:-

Hum Masala

            Hum Masala is one of the best food channels of Pakistan and sister channel of Hum TV Live Network where you can get different food recipes of delicious food items. Moreover, these recipes are cooked and then presented by top Chefs of Pakistan in different Masala TV shows. These Chefs runs their own show on Masala TV where they describe the method of different recipes as how to cook them in live show. These recipes may include breakfast to Dinner items. Apart from recipes, you can also get different Totkay tips by clicking on Totkay Tab on its Home page. Masala TV broadcasts 24 hours transmission where you can get not only traditional Pakistani recipes but also international recipes are also available there. Masala TV telecasts various shows where top class Chefs present different food items and their recipes. A list of few of them is as under:-

Name of Show                  -           Name of Chef
Flame on Hai                      -           Chief Basim Akhund
Chaska Pakanay ka            -           Tahir Chaudhary
Evening with Shareen          -           Shireen Anwar
Food Diaries                      -            Zarnak Sidhwa
Handi                                 -            Zubaida Tariq
Lively Weakend                 -            Kiran Khan
Mehboob’s Kitchen           -            Mehboob Khan
Tarka                                -            Rida Aftab

Masala TV official website is where you can also get live transmission of Masala TV and schedule of its top shows whichever you like.  

Style 360

Style 360 is a first Pakistani TV Channel which presents latest Pakistani fashion, lifestyle and entertainment programs for you. It is purely dedicated to fashion and lifestyle. It provides latest news of upcoming fashion events and happening all around the world. It is mainly based in Karachi. Its official website is where you get live streaming of Style 360. Apart from live streaming, you can also get news on local fashion, international fashion, musical shows and awards shows related information right there. 360 TV has honored to broadcast many Lux Awards shows.

Hum Sitaray

Another product of Hum Network is Hum Sitaray which is most popular urdu entertainment channel of Pakistan where you can watch your favorite dramas. It is owned by Duraid Qureshi as it was launched in 14 December 2013. Its most popular slogan is Sitaron Ka Jahaan. Its most popular dramas include as Babul ki Sahaliyan, Chirryon ka Chamba, Dooriyan, Faslon kay Darmyian, Madawa Drama, Sawab, Aseer Zadi, Kankir, aik tamana lahasil si etc. Apart from dramas, it also telecast live musical shows as well as award shows. 

Hum Europe

Hum Europe is first Pakistani entertainment channel which has been specially launched for Urdu community who understand urdu language and like Pakistani drama culture while residing in Europe. Its main headquarters is at Karachi. In the beginning, it began to broadcast its transmission in 10 March 2014. Besides urdu language, it also telecast some of its program in English. Its official website is  

Hum FM

Hum FM is a radio channel which broadcast songs related to Bollywood and pop music. It is owned by Shamal Media Services LLc. Apart from songs, it has broadcast many major events of Cricket like 2007 Cricket world cup, ICC Champion Trophy, ICC world T20 Cup-2010 and Cricket World Cup-2011. Its official website is

Hum TV products

Apart from its dramas, its other products are:-

Soaps                       Mohabbat Mushkil Hai

Sitcoms                   (Mr. Shamim)

Hum Tele films                

Morning shows    (Jago Pakistan Jago)

Hum TV awards    (QMobile Hum Style Awards & Hum Awards)

Hum TV Dramas

Hum TV Live dramas and shows are so popular not only in Pakistan but also in other parts of the world where people understand urdu language. Its popularity has been increasing day by day. Hum TV has given new identity and recognition to Pakistani Dramas. That’s why; HUM TV has become an attractive platform for women of Pakistan because they do not want to miss any episode of their favorite drama serials at any cost. Moreover, Hum TV being Pakistani channel only presents family based dramas which you can watch without any hesitation while sitting with your family. Hum TV Live main aim is to promote Pakistani culture.                 

Most Popular Dramas

            Hum TV has produced a number of dramas which have been highly praised not only in Pakistani but also in other Asian countries where people understand urdu language. A list of few of them is as follows:-

  • Humsafar
  • Zindagi Gulzar Hai
  •  Udaari
  • Mere Meharban
  • Karb

Upcoming Dramas

  • Tumhari Marium
  • Adhi Gawahi
  • Alif Allah Aur Insaan
  • Daldal
  • Pagli
  • Toh Dil Ka kia Hua
  • Woh aik Pal
  • Yaqeen Ka safar

Hum TV Shows

Apart from its dramas, it has most popular talk show on airs in the morning namely as Jago Pakistan Jago which is hosted by Sanam Jung, who is a very talented and gorgeous host. Sanum Jung has been hosting this Morning Show Since September 2014. Every morning, Sanum Jung appears with a different concept as well as guests in this show which has lot of fun and entertainment for the audience especially women at home. It telecasts on 09:00PM to 11:00 PM at Hum TV Live covering different entertaining segments and lots of fun in this show.