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ARY News is a famous news channel of Pakistan which is best known for providing 24hr prestigious current affairs news. It was inaugurated on 26 September 2004. Its main slogan is “Har Lamha Ba Khabar”, so it always keeps focus to inform people with latest happening and story of the day. 

What is motive of ARY News

The motive of the channel is to cater news and happening all over the day to its target Audience from not only in Pakistan but also from all over the world. ARY TV Live transmits news in Urdu language for the people who know Urdu Language. So, ARY News Urdu is one of the few respectable news channels that provide authentic and reliable urdu news to its viewers. ARY News Live also gives live coverage of major incidents throughout the world.

Role of News Channel in the life of masses

News channel is the form of the electronic media which is considered to be the most effective and fast source through which accurate and quality based information can be transmitted to the public located in every nook and corner of the world. News Channel can affect the life of a layman in following ways:-

Keeping them update with latest and current news

It is through ARY News that people are fully aware from current affairs and latest happening of the day. People are crazy to know the latest happening of a particular issue. So, ARY News TV is fully engaged people by providing them update news in form of breaking news and hourly news bulletin. ARY TV also educates the people by broadcasting programs based on social issues.   

Political Awareness

ARY News telecast such programs and talks shows which bring politics awareness among people. It is the power of media through which it can change the mind set of people towards a particular issue. It can play its role in both ways: right way and wrong way. If it works in right way, it will act as binding force to unite the whole nation; otherwise, it will cause destruction of the nation. So, being a Pakistan News Channel, ARY TV Live fulfills its responsibility by providing right directional and reliable information to the public through its talk shows and discourages biasness. ARY TV also creates awareness among masses as how to use their right of casting vote for the betterment of nation. 

Cultural Awareness

ARY News also broadcast such cultural programs which promote patriotism as well as national harmony in people. It brings live coverage through ARY News live of various ceremonies conducted on national occasions like Independence day, Iqbal day, Quaid Day. So, it is the valid policy of ARY TV to promote brotherhood among provinces to transmit such program which depicts their culture and social life style so that people of different provinces know each other well.

ARY Digital Network

Actually, ARY News is a part of ARY Digital Network which is a subsidiary of ARY Group. Basically, it is Dubai based Company which is owned by Haji Abdul Razzaq Yaqoob as a main stakeholder of the Company. Its main Headquarters is situated in Karachi.
ARY Digital Network is a collection of other sister channels. Each is known for its own specialized programming. It includes following channels:-

ARY Digital

It telecasts only entertaining program to the people. It includes comedy, drama and reality TV Shows. Initially, it was launched in USA in December in 2000 on the demands the people of this region who shows great interest in Asia entertaining program.

ARY Musik

It is the one of the leading Music channel which brings songs, reality shows and live concerts to its viewers. It also promotes new talent in the field of music and encourage them by on airing their songs by providing them such a great platform.


Basically, It is an Islamic channel that promotes correct Islamic information and knowledge on religious affairs to its viewers. It is very popular among people because very renowned religious scholars are invited in Qtv who teaches the people on different issues in the light of Quran and Ahadees.

ARY Zindagi

It is another entertaining channel of ARY which brings latest Dramas and comedy shows on the demands of its viewers. Particularly, its dramas are quality oriented and based on particular social issue to create social awareness among the peoples.

ARY Sports

ARY Sports is a web base channel that is launched on the demands of viewers who shows great interest in sports. It includes only sporting news, events, analysis and details. The website has vibrant photos and stimulating videos relating to sports.

ARY News TV always gives weightage to the interest of its audience by introducing such programs and talks shows which are highly appreciated among its audience. ARY TV talk shows are mainly based on a discussion panel, consisting of two or three guests belongs to a famous political party which give their opinion on all major issues which are to be discussed in show.

ARY TV Live has been remained a top rated news channel during the whole Panama paper controversy in Supreme Court. Due to its unbiased news and analysis on ongoing issues like Panama, JIT investigation and Pak India Clash on boarder, it has got a respectable position in people unlike to its competitors like Geo News, Samaa News, Dunya News etc.

Educated & notable anchors, host & Analyst

It is the great honor for ARY News Live to have association with a number of renowned anchors and well educated hosts like Kashif Abbasi, Iqrar ul Hassan, Arshad Sharif, Maria Mehmon,  etc who run their shows with different names at this platform. The topic of discussion of these shows is mainly based on current affairs, political debates and infotainment.

Popular shows

The top rated talk shows of ARY News includes, Sawal Yeh Hai, Off the Record, Power play, 11th Hour, Sar-e-Aam, the Reporters and Criminals Most Wanted. Lets takes a look on these shows as:-

Off the Record

This program is one of the top rated programs of ARY News Live which is hosted by Kashif Abbasi, a famous Journalist and anchorperson. The concept of the show is to invite some political personalities as guests and take their view on current affair issue of Pakistan politics. He has invited almost all political personalities in his show. This show is telecast from Monday to Thursday at 08:05PM only on ARY News.

Sawal Yeh Hai

The show is hosted by Maria Memon who is very famous anchorperson. She invites guests who belongs to different political parties of Pakistan and give their views on the topic which are to be discussed in this show. She has also conducted interview based program from renowned personality like Naeem Bukhari, Siraj ul Haq, Imran khan etc. This show has also a huge fan club on social medial as well.


Sar-e-Aam is the most famous show of ARY News which is hosted by Iqrar ul Hassan. The motive of the show is to unveil the social crimes and evils that could not be exposed by law enforcement agencies and to provide justice to the affectees. The team of Sar-e-Aam has to face many difficulties and hardships while providing justice to the affectees even they have to put their lives at risk to save their lives. The program is telecast on every Friday to Saturday at 07:05 PM on ARY News TV.

11th Hours

It is another most popular talks show of ARY News which is hosted by famous anchorperson Waseem Badami. Due to its versatile style of hosting, he is very popular among audience and its show is highly rated on social media also. The concept of the show is just like other talk show, is just to invite guests and conduct debate on different issue. However, the opic of discussion is mainly based on current issues. The program is telecast from Monday to Thursday at 11:05 PM at ARY News Channel.  

Power Play

This show has also got popularity due to famous anchorperson Arshad Sharif who has a big hand to keep alive Panama issue by conducting most of its program based on this issue. His talks show not only create public awareness but also keep them inform on current issues.  

The Reporters

It is current affairs based talk show. The famous journalist and analysts Arif Hameed Bhatii, Sami Ibrahim, Sabir Shaker are part and parcel of this show that discuss the ongoing issue in detail and give their expert opinion on that particular issue. It is telecast on every Monday – Thursday at 07:05 PM at Ary News Live.

Jurm Bolta Hai

This program is hosted by Fizza Saleem who narrates the social crime and expose dark face of our society by dramatized it through fake characters. This program is also very popular and broadcast on ARY News Live on Friday & Saturday at 11:05 PM.

In short, the importance of News Channel is increasing day by day as people want to spend their nights in watching talk shows of their interest and especially on their favorite channel like ARY TV. Current affairs and talks shows have great influence on the life of people as they create political wisdom and awareness so that they can make better political decision according to them.
It is a great honor for ARY News Urdu that its associated media team members are very competent and always busy to transmit authentic news from this platform. Moreover, ARY News live streaming is available on its official website i.e; You can also get hourly news, news bulletin and Live ARY News on its web based TV channel.