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AAJ News Live

AAJ News is the most watched TV Channel of Pakistan which broadcasts its news in urdu. It covers all types of news regarding current affairs, entertainment and infotainment. It was initially started its transmission in 23 March 2005. It is owned by famous Business Recorder Group which has vast experience in Media Industry. Basically, the Aaj News is first Urdu channel of Pakistan which broadcast its Urdu news in Pakistan. So, Aaj News Urdu is pioneer among urdu news channels. Later on, it has got access through AsiaSat Satellite to broadcast its programs to more than 60 countries apart from Pakistan.
Aaj News Urdu has achieved a respectable position in Pakistan Media Industry due to catering authentic and verified news to its viewers. That’s why, it news are highly rated among masses as it comes from respectable and verified platform.

With the growing popularity of internet usage, Aaj TV launches official website to cater the news for its online viewers. Its official website is www.aaj.tv. You can get update news, current affairs news of latest happening around the clock. Aaj TV Live streaming is also available on its website where you can get news bulletin, hourly news bulletin covering all kinds of news like politics, sports, weather updates, business etc. Now one can get live Aaaj news by using its smartphone or tablet etc.   

Aaj News Slogan & Vision

Every news channel has its own slogan which depicts its vision. Aaj News has also a prominent slogan as Pakistan Ki Awaz (Voice of Pakistan) which shows its commitment to broadcast news by discouraging such contents which are violating national cause and also to raise the voice of a layman who is deprived off its right due to some reasons.

Sister Channel

Apart from Aaj news, Aaj Network has other sister channel like Aaj Entertainment and Play Entertainment. Each channel has its own specialized programs which makes its identification. A brief description of both channel is as under:-

Aaj Entertainment

Aaj TV aims to provide entertainment to inspire its audience through its dramas series, magazine shows and telefilms. So, Aaj entertainment presents variety of programs to audience representing from all walks of life. The motive of this channel is also to highlights problems faced by sub continent women and empower them by creating awareness about various social issues. Aaj Entertainment broadcasts Indian and Turkish content but its main emphasis is on local dramas.

Play Entertainment

The main focus of this channel is to cover entertainment and lifestyle programs for youth. So it always keeps focus to the interest of target audience particularly its youth by presenting dramas, shows and lifestyle programs for them. Its dramas are not only a source of entertainment for people but also educate them by creating awareness of some social issue. Its most popular dramas include Muntazir, Hanstay Gaal, Ahsas Rishton Ka, Sugar Free and Kuch dair Khizaan mein. It also broadcast foreign contents like Turkish Dramas with Urdu dubbing through its platform which are very popular among people.  

PEMRA Policy & Aaj News

PEMRA means Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority. Its main aim is to have check over private electronic mass-media industry of Pakistan and frame rules and regulation for print and electronic media and to improve the quality of information, education and entertainment.   
All News channels have to obey its rules and regulation in broadcasting its programs otherwise they have to face restrictions from PEMRA. These sanctions may be minor or major. As a result of serious violation, channels have been banned as a major penalty.

Therefore, management of Aaj TV always obeys PEMRA rules and regulations and keeps check on broadcasting its programs, not violating PEMRA policy. But unfortunately, it has received notices from PEMRA for telecasting unethical content in its programs as claimed by PEMRA. But later on, the matter was resolved by Aaj News management with PEMRA.
So, Aaj News through its professional workforce always looks very careful in broadcasting verified, authentic and unbiased contents from its platform. Its professional workforce includes famous Journalists, anchorpersons and analysts which always keep busy in filtering news and discouraging such contents which are against the framed rules and regulation of PEMRA. 

Professional and dedicative workforce

The big hand behind the success of Aaj News live is its professional and dedicative workforce which works day and night to make their channel a prominent position in media industry. Since, its reports are present in almost every city of Pakistan which collects news and story of day happening and after verifying the news send authentic news to their respective media houses. Resultantly, the news are again verified and rechecked by its notable journalist and analyst so that it can be transmitted for its viewers.
Aaj news live reports put their life at risk to give live coverage of incident or Jalsas arranged by political parties. Their purpose is only to collect exact news first and provide it to their channel so that their channel can become pioneer in news breaking activity than other channels and also to catch more viewership.
Recently, Aaj news live cameraman Shehzad Ahmed died when he was reporting Quetta bomb blast incident by putting his life at risk. Suddenly, he was killed by another massive bomb blast right there. This shows his bravery and strong commitment to his profession. That’s why, his name will always remember in golden words in the history of Aaj news.
Aaj TV management has equipped its media teams with latest equipments and devices to provide transparent and HD live coverage. Therefore, Aaj live tv does not miss any live event of public interest by its competent and professional team. 

Notable anchors, journalist

Top class journalist, anchorpersons and analyst are now part of Aaj news team which include Asma Shirazi, Munizae Jahangir, Ziauddin (Analyst), Rehman Azhar, Shaukat Paracha, Najia Ashar, Rizwan Jaffar. These journalist and anchorperson perform their duties with full dedication and commitment and abstain from biasness while hosting their talk shows. That’s’ why, these are very popular and has become a respectable place in the heart of its viewers. Especially, Asma Shirazi, Munizae Jahangir and Shoukat paracha are most prominent name of Aaj news because their talk shows are highly rated due to their presenting skills and having strong gripping in topic of discussion.  

Programs of Aaj TV

Following are the categories of programs which are on aired through Aaj TV. These include:-
Current Affairs
Talk show

Current Affairs

Following are the program comes under this category and on aired through Aaj News:-

Faisla Aap Ka
Islamabad tonight with Rehman Azhar
Spot Light  


Infotainment category includes following programs:-

Good Morning, Aaj, Kahani Kay Pechay , Karachi ki baat, Siyasat se hat kay, Qaidi No. 1, Target, view360

Talk shows

Awaz, Sawal hai Pakistan ka, Tax aur Aup, Paisa bolta hain, Pakistan at 7, News hours with Najia
Now, Lets we discuss some of its programs which are most popular as well mostly watched by its viewers:-

Popular talks shows (political & current affairs)

Aaj live TV always remains in struggle to broadcast such program keeping in view the public interest. So according to latest research, following are the talk shows comes under most popular category:-

Faisla Aap Ka

Asma Sherazi is host of this show who is very talented and capable anchorperson and has vast experience of running political talk shows. She invites some prominent political personalities in her talk show and takes their expert views on some important issues pertaining to national and political natures. Faisla Aap Ka is very popular show and one of the most watched talk show of Aaj news. This show is telecast from Monday to Thursday at 08:00PM on Aaj news.

Islamabad tonight with Rehman Azhar

This show is hosted by famous journalist and anchorperson Rehman Azhar. The objective of the show is to discus political affairs takes place in the capital. So, conceptual discussion is conducted through the guest panels including famous analyst, newsmakers and anchorperson. This show is on aired on Thursday to Sunday at 10:00PM at Aaj news.


This show covers debates on top stories, covers day happening in political affairs and some social issues. Shoukat Paracha is the host of this show who is best known of its unbiased analysis and exposed the things by pointing out important points while conducting the debates during this show. This show is telecast from Friday to Sunday at 08:00 PM at Aaj news.

Sawal hai Pakistan ka

The concept of the show is to provide platform to political leaders for having direct interaction with People. So, a question answer session has been conducted where people ask different questions from the leaders on various issues. This program is also very popular and is telecast on Saturday at 07:00PM    
Keeping in view of above we can say that Aaj News through its talk shows not only educates people politically but also creates social awareness as how to avoid them. So, Aaj News Live fulfills its responsibility being Pakistani channel which shows its patriotism to the country.