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Iqra TV Live

Iqra TV is an Islamic international Channel which broadcast its transmission through the world. Iqra TV is owned by Saleh Abdullah Kamel who is the head of Arab Media Corporation. Iqra TV began its transmission in 21 October 1988. Being Arab TV, its main Headquarter is situated at Saudi Arabia. It transmits its programs in Arabic including other languages like English, French and Bengali keeping in mind the people belong to different culture and zones. The word Iqra is An Arabic word literally means “read / recite”. This is believed to be the first word revealed on Muhammad (PBUH) in Quran by Muslims.  

Iqra TV Vision & Mission Statement

Vision Statement

        Being Islamic channel, Iqraa TV Live aiming to present various program on serious issues covering all major issues of life including everyday life problems, fulfilling their spiritual, social, cultural and economic requirements keeping in view a modern vision.

Mission Statement

Iqra TV intends to promote true moderate face of Islam to people living in the west where media does not promote the true face of Islam.

Iqra TV Official website

            Iqra TV official website is where you can watch online streaming of Iqra TV by sampling clicking on Live Streaming Option. Apart from its live streaming, you can also get program schedule, Iqra news and World Islamic news aiming to update its viewers from all Islamic news happening around the world. Moreover, facility of reading and listening online Quran with translation is also available there. For convenience of viewers, there is also a facility of listing Quran in the voice of different Reciter. You have to just choose reciter name of your own choice to listen Quran in his voice.  Moreover, you can also get tafsir of Quran, available in different languages there. In short, this is best source of Iqra TV live streaming.

Iqra TV main emphasis

Iqraa International having main focus to educate Islam to non-Arab Muslims, and to clear misunderstanding about Islam and explaining the teachings of Islam."

Top programs

            Iqra TV broadcast various Islamic programs through its platform which is hosted by top Islamic orators and speakers of Iqra TV. A brief detail of these programs is as under:-

  • Fatawa with Al Sheikh Muhammad Salah
  • One to one with Muhammad Shafiq
  • The Art of Life with Mustafa Hosni
  • A Look from A Book with Dina Tariq
  • Counsels of Faith with Yahya Rhodus
  • Ramadan Dates with Malaz Majanni
  • Reflections
  • Ranks of Seekers
  • Misconceptions
  • Healthy Muslims in Raman

Let takes a brief look on above programs:-

Fatawa with Al Sheikh Muhammad Salah

            This program is based on Question and Answer. The concept of the show is to reply your questions related to every day of your life in the light of Quran and Sunnah. The Sheikh just receives calls and tries to give satisfactory answers for the ease of callers. It is daily telecast on Aqra TV. This program is telecast at 05:00 PM daily in Pakistan only on Iqra TV.

One to one with Muhammad Shafiq

            This show covers the problems faced by Muslims and Muslim community. Muhammad Shafiq who is the anchor of the show discusses the Muslim affairs and their difficulties while residing in their countries with the guests invited in this show. This program is telecast at 11:00PM daily in Pakistan only on Aqra TV.

The Art of Life with Mustafa Hosni

            The program unveils the important facts of life and teaches us different art of life by preaching right of Allah (Haqooq Allah) and rights of people (Haqooq ul Bad) in an interesting way. Mustafa tells us different arts as how to please Allah and others including parents. This program is telecast at 07:30PM daily in Pakistan only on Aqra TV.

A Look from A Book with Dina Tariq

                The Host Dena Tariq discusses some points that she picks from a book written by Western writer. In this program, the host puts light on important aspects of Islam in convincing way for the understanding of common people. This program is telecast at 10:00PM daily in Pakistan only on Aqra TV.

Counsels of Faith with Yahya Rhodus

            This program is one of the high rated programs of Aqra TV Live hosted by renowned Islamic host namely as Yahya Rhodus. He tries to explain us that Allah always looks at your actions rather than your appearance. Further, he explains that we could get the highest level of faith by good deeds. This program is also telecast on 07:00 PM daily in Pakistan only on Aqra TV.